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iComfort Prodigy Mattress


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Luxuriously comfortable yet extremely supportive, this bed is made for those who love to feel cradled and cushioned at the sleep surface. This is the only iComfort® bed to feature our Cool Reaction™ Slow Recovery Latex Foam, designed to complement the pressure relieving comfort of all the iComfort® Sleep System models while still delivering the proper and targeted support your body needs.


Serta’s Cool Action™ Gel Memory Foam: is designed to feel like traditional memory foam...only better! What makes our Cool Action material different is the MicroSupport gel, which is infused into premium memory foam to create an extremely comfortable, more supportive and cooler sleep surface.

Cool Reaction™ Slow Recovery Latex Foam Serta's exclusive Latex foam is uniquely designed to complement our Cool Action™material for a more luxurious sleep experience. This naturally breathable foam responds instantly to comfort and support your body. Unlike other latex foams that can feel too “springy”, Cool Reaction is designed to recover more slowly like memory foam. Plus, latex is hypoallergenic and its natural properties help protect your mattress from dust mites.

KoolComfort™ Memory Foam breathes up to 95% more than traditional Memory Foam for a cooler sleep surface without the heat buildup that can disrupt sleep. KoolComfort™ Memory Foam Cushions contour to your sleeping position, promoting a more restful sleep by helping to reduce tossing and turning.

Comfortlast Foam Core with Ultimate Edge® Support. This advanced foam support system is designed to help support your body throughout the night, promoting a more restful night’s sleep. The Comfortlast Foam Core is built to be extremely durable, so you get the support you need night after night. Plus, Ultimate Edge Support strengthens the mattress edges, reducing that annoying edge “roll-off” so you have more room to stretch.